Aardig Wijntje @ Natural Wine Festival Nov. 13

Aardig Wijntje @ Natural Wine Festival Nov. 13

Meet Aardig Wijntje at Green is Golden's Natural Wine Festival

The launch of Aardig Wijntje and a new natural wine festival in Amsterdam; the second weekend of November can definitely be labeled as "all-natural. Coincidence that these two joyful facts coincide? Yes, but that doesn't make the joy any less!

On November 13, in the Hallen in Amsterdam, you will be introduced to the expressive wines of Henri Kaes from Alsace & Francesco Guccione from Sicily. Henri will be present at the festival to tell you more about his vineyards & experimental way of making wine. Guccione's elegant, natural wines will be presented to you by ourselves. Besides the presentation of our wines, you will also find other, great winemakers and top importers at the festival, such as Bolomey & Angolo Vinoso.

Like Aardig wijntje, Green Is Golden's festival is focused on wines made without pesticides and herbicides. The wines you will taste contain no or very little sulfites and no added substances. They are made by highly skilled winemakers whose way of farming is in harmony with nature. The power of biodiversity, this is what fuels the Natural Wine Festival!

Practical info:

Selection criteria winemakers & wines.

  • Wines that represent the terroir. characterized by the winemaker who created it;
  • Biolgogical or Biodynamic cultivation of grapes: no use of pesticides or herbicides;
  • Grapes are turned into wine with little or no intervention;
  • Use of indigenous yeasts for fermentation;
  • No acidification, no chaptalization or other artificial modifications;
  • No or very subtle filtering;
  • No or low sulfur content & only added at bottling.

We'd love to see you there!