Aardig Wine Updates – Aardig Wijntje

Our updates include keeping you informed about upcoming events. In addition, we like to take you to our favorite wine regions and want to provide fun information about the world of natural and biodynamic wines.

Aardig Wine Updates

Misverstanden in wijnwereld #2: De stabiliteit van natuurwijn

Natuurlijke wijnen zijn geen gewone wijnen! Ze vinden na verloop van tijd hun eigen microbiologische balans, waardoor ze veel sterker zijn dan de meeste beschermde, met conserveringsmiddelen gevulde, conven...

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Is natural wine healthier than conventional wine?

You frequently hear people say it, "Oh, natural wine really does give me less of a headache the next day than conventional wine!" But to what extent can this be substantiated, since it is the alcohol that is...

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A pet-nat: what is it and how is it made?

What is a pet-nat? Pet-nat is short for "petillant naturel," or a naturally made sparkling wine. There are several methods of making pet-nats, but the most common-and oldest-method, is the so-called méthode ...

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Orange wine: what is it and how is it made?

What is orange wine? Orange wine is made by soaking and fermenting the juice of white grapes on the skins, pips and stems. The soaking, or maceration, turns the wine orange in color. A variety of hues can oc...

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Misunderstandings in wine world #1: Brett & Mouse

There are those who falsely claim that naturally made wines are full of flaws. Of course, it is possible for wines to be under-produced, but this can be the case with both "conventional" and naturally made w...

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Aardig Wijntje @ Natural Wine Festival Nov. 13

Meet Aardig Wijntje at Green is Golden's Natural Wine Festival The launch of Aardig Wijntje and a new natural wine festival in Amsterdam; the second weekend of November can definitely be labeled as "all-natu...

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What is natural wine?

At your aunt's birthday is, or at the local regular pub; wherever you go these days, you increasingly get the question 'what exactly is that, natural wine?' 'And then what is the difference between natural ...

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