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Although Germany is fairly northern for wine production, the country produces many fine wines. German wines tend to be modern and of high quality.

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winemakers fight the stereotype that mainly cheap sweet white wine is produced in the country. This results in special, modern and high-quality wines from various German wine regions. German natural wine is also produced in many regions. The country has several well-known wine regions and grape varieties. The versatile Riesling is one of the best known. This grape is widely grown in the Mosel region. However, the Spätburgunder grape, also known as Pinot Noir, is also grown in Germany. This red wine is produced particularly in the Ahr. Germany has a number of young winemakers who are eager to produce the best German natural wine. Of course, we are happy to introduce you to them.

Important German wine regions

Germany has quite a few important wine regions. These are mainly found in the southwest of the country, although there are also wine regions in the east and north. Rheinhessen, Baden, Pfalz and Würtemmburg, among others, are important regions. The Riesling grape is widely grown in several areas. The Müller-Thurgau is also a well-known grape variety that you see a lot in Germany. Many German wines are light, elegant wines. Red wines tend to be smooth and white wines are fruity. For a long time there was a preconception that mainly sweet white wines were made in Germany. This is unjustified, as Germany produces many versatile and beautiful wines.

Meet the best German natural wine

In Germany, many winemakers are producing beautiful natural wines. These wines are mostly made by small winemakers who bring their own unique flavors to the market. Well-known grapes, such as Riesling and Müller-Thurgau, are grown for these German nature wines. But lesser-known grape varieties are also used in the best German natural wines. Because Germany's wine regions each have their own unique character, the natural wines made in the regions also differ from one another. In some wine regions, many different grape varieties can grow well. Rheinhessen, for example, has a variety of microclimates and soil types, making it possible to produce many wines in this region. At Aardig Wijntje, we like to introduce you to the best German natural wines. Therefore, we have a number of different natural wines from this country for you in our assortment. Be surprised by the elegant wines with their rich flavors.