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Chenin Blanc

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The Chenin Blanc grape is one of the most versatile grapes in the world. Originally the grape comes from France and it is still widely grown there. But other countries also have Read more

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Chenin Blanc wine regions. For example, this grape is widely produced in South Africa. Due to the warmer climate, the grape here is slightly fruitier than in France. Would you also like to get acquainted with this versatile grape? At Aardig Wijntje we have collected a number of beautiful Chenin Blanc (natural) wines for you.

The exceptionally versatile Chenin Blanc taste

The taste of Chenin Blanc wines can really go either way. They are often fresh wines with nice fruity aromas of apple & citrus. The aroma is nicely floral and fruity. Sparkling wines are also made from the Chenin Blanc grape. Depending on the climate and the winemaker's style, certain aromas appear in the wine to a greater or lesser extent. For example, overripe grapes are often made into dessert wines, while less ripe grapes are the perfect basis for fresh sparkling wines. Because the grape is used in so many different wines, a Chenin Blanc is not always immediately recognizable. The wines also vary a lot in terms of color. A Chenin Blanc can be light straw yellow, but just as easily deep amber yellow. It is precisely its versatility that makes Chenin Blanc such a beloved grape.

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Would you like to taste a Chenin Blanc (natural) wine yourself? At Aardig Wijntje we have a number of these wines in our assortment. This gives you the chance to get to know the amazing versatility of Chenin Blanc.