Aardig Wijntje: who are we?

About Aardig Wijntje

After years of tasting, tasting and tasting again, we, or Joep Meertens, Jurre Ham and Max Donders, thought it was time in 2021 for the next step in our passion for natural wines: Aardig Wijntje! Aardig? So does that mean simple? Or plain tasty? Well not entirely. You will find expressive, special and energetic wines, exclusively imported or carefully selected by us. To give you a little more context:

Aardig Wijntje imports and distributes wines made as naturally as possible. We focus on wines whose grapes are grown organically or biodynamically, simply because we believe that reduced biodiversity caused by chemical pesticides has a negative impact on the vibrancy of wines. Our wines are made by winemakers who are in harmony with nature; they create healthily grown, nature-friendly wines with little intervention to best express their place of origin.

In recent years, the natural wine offering in the Netherlands has become enormously diverse, much to our delight! More and more special, quality wines are now available in wine stores, cafés and the best restaurants. We too would like to contribute to this; on the one hand by offering our favorite wines from other Dutch importers, on the other hand by introducing talented winemakers to the Dutch market.

Take a step sideways from all industry standards and enjoy our selection!