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Natural wines from Austria

Looking for a beautiful natural wine or biodynamic wine from Austria? There are beautiful elegant wines made in which the terroir is perfectly expressed. At Aardig Wijntje, we have a delicious selection of Austrian Read more

Sauvignon vom Opok

Weingut Muster

Sauvignon vom Opok

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wines that will continue to evolve.

Although Austria accounts for only 1% of global wine production, Austrian wines are very interesting to taste. Austria is experimenting a lot with new forms of grape growing and winemaking. Organic and biodynamic viticulture are gaining ground. The growing production of natural wines is also among these developments.

What is Austrian natural wine?

Natural wine is wine made with as little interference from the winemaker as possible. This means that the grapes are grown organically or even biodynamically. Chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers are shunned and there is the best possible cooperation with nature. For example, biodynamic farmers take into account the position of the moon and use (ancient) herb mixtures. For natural wine, grapes are picked manually. This allows the winemaker to properly control the quality of the grapes, and he ensures clean work.

During the vinification process, few interventions are made when making natural wine. Additions of, for example, acids or unnatural yeasts are not found in natural wine. The fermentation process is completely natural and the winemaker does not add anything to influence the taste of the natural wine. The only exception is sulfite. This substance makes the wine keep longer and may be added, in very small amounts, to the natural wine. Not all winemakers opt for this and, therefore, there certainly exist natural wines without added sulfite. Furthermore, natural wines are not clarified and also minimally or not at all filtered.

Where is Austrian natural wine made?

Austria has a number of well-known wine regions. These regions produce conventional wines as well as organic and biodynamic wines. Natural wines are also made in these regions. The most important wine regions are Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal, Burgenland and Styria. Remarkably, many Austrian winemakers do not focus on just one type of grape. They plant and harvest multiple grape varieties interchangeably. This creates wines with exciting flavors and surprising combinations. Austrian natural wines are also regularly characterized by special flavor combinations.

The best Austrian natural wines

At Aardig Wijntje we have a wide range of special Austrian natural wines. Are you looking for something really special? Then be sure to try an Austrian orange wine. This special kind of wine has become increasingly popular in recent years. These wines are made from white grapes, but get their special color and flavor through skin soaking.