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Nebbiolo is a picky grape that really only grows well in northern Italy. The Nebbiolo grape only grows on limestone or marl soils and needs an enormous amount of sunlight hours. In addition, the grape's Read more

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC

Gian Luca Colombo

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC


skin is very thin, making the variety susceptible to disease and rot. But the result of well-grown Nebbiolo grapes is worth all the effort. The Nebbiolo taste is rich, complex and typical. They are powerful red wines with a high tannin content. They tend to have an earthy aroma with hints of leather, red fruits and roses. The best-known wines made from the Nebbiolo grape are the Barolo and Barbaresco. At Aardig Wijntje, we are happy to introduce you to these special wines from the fussy grape.

Special wines with a powerful taste

Nebbiolo wine can be recognized by its powerful and complex taste and special color. The tannic structure is often strongly present in these wines, although it should never be unpleasant. Before pouring a Barolo or Barbaresco, it is best to let it decant for a while. This is sure to enhance the complex flavor of the wine. Because of the Nebbiolo grape's high climatic demands, wines made from this grape come almost exclusively from northern Italy. Here some beautiful biodynamic and natural wines are also made from the Nebbiolo grape. Would you also like to enjoy the special red wines from the Nebbiolo grape? Then choose a nice bottle from our selection and taste the complex flavors for yourself.