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The Pinot Noir grape is a very versatile grape grown in many different areas. In particular, French Burgundy is known for wonderful Pinot Noir wines, but Pinot Noir is also grown in many other Read more

Langhe DOC Pinot Nero

Gian Luca Colombo

Langhe DOC Pinot Nero


Les Robinettes

Raphaelle Guyot

Les Robinettes



Der Glucksjager



Colline Libre - Vin Orange

Domaine Motz

Colline Libre - Vin Orange


areas. In Germany, Pinot Noir is known as Spätburgunder and in Italy the grape is called Pinot Nero. There are also many Pinot Noir wine regions in the United States. In addition, Pinot Noir is always used in Champagne wines. The beloved grape is also widely used to make wonderful biodynamic and natural wines. At Aardig Wijntje we have collected a nice assortment for you.

The typical Pinot Noir taste

The Pinot Noir grape gives wines an elegant, supple and fruity taste. Aromas of cherries and strawberries are often easily recognizable in the wine. Floral aromas, of violets and roses, for example, are also regularly present. In general, Pinot Noir wine is a light to medium dry red wine. The warmer the climate in which the grape grows, the softer the tannins in the wine are. Depending on the wine region, Pinot Noir has other distinctive aromas. For example, German Spätburgunder often contains a spicy aroma and wines from the United States have somewhat more fruity notes. In addition to the red wines made from Pinot Noir, the flavor of the Pinot Noir grape is important for many champagnes.

Buying the tastiest Pinot Noir

Because Pinot Noir is grown in many different wine regions, there are also many Pinot Noir wines to choose from. Pinot Noir from Burgundy has a different character than Pinot Nero from Italy or Spätburgunder from Germany. That offers many opportunities to discover for yourself the versatility of the grape.

Discover your own favorite Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is not one of the most beloved grape varieties among wine lovers for nothing. Take a look at our range of Pinot Noir wines and be surprised by the special flavors. Will you choose a classic from Burgundy, go for a spicy Spätburgunder or opt for a surprising bottle from another wine region?