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Natural wines from Switzerland

At Aardig Wijntje, we are huge fans of Swiss wines because of their wonderfully unique and complex flavor and beautiful minerality. Our range of Swiss wines will be continuously expanded with interesting wines Read more


Domaine de Beudon


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and new winemakers.

Switzerland is still very unknown as a wine country in the Netherlands. This is a shame, because very beautiful wines are produced in Switzerland. The Swiss themselves also like these wines very much, because only 1% of the wine is exported. The rest of the wine is drunk within the country. Switzerland has six main wine regions, in which more than 250 different grape varieties are grown. This produces a huge variety of wines. Swiss natural wine is also made in these regions. The country even has regulations that Swiss natural wine must meet. This is how they try to bring more clarity to these special wines.

The best Swiss wines

The best Swiss wines come from six different regions in the country. The regions of Valais and Vaud produce the most Swiss wine. Because of the huge variety of grapes grown, the wines also vary widely in taste. A number of winemakers who make Swiss natural wine have together established strict regulations with requirements that natural wine must meet. For example, no sulfite may be added at all in Swiss natural wine and no chemical cleaning agents may even be used in the wine cellar. This makes for unique, complex natural wines.

Discover unique Swiss wines

Although only a very small proportion of Swiss wines are exported, it is still possible at Aardig Wijntje to become acquainted with these special wines. With us you buy the best Swiss wines and discover rich flavors produced in this country. Absolutely worth trying!